Storm Lake Growers is all about flourishing and growing. We help our clients and customers to enrich and to be stewards of our natural environment. We provide a nurturing and growing setting for our family of employees as well as for the plants we grow in our nursery. We strive to be honest and bring the human touch to our business dealings because being good humans is the right thing to do and it’s good for business. Storm Lake Growers strives to grow high quality, healthy, and happy plants as well as relationships.


Our Specialty

Storm Lake Growers specializes in providing quality, healthy, and genetically diverse nursery-grown Pacific Northwest native upland trees, shrubs, ground-cover, emergent wetland plants, and ornamentals for landscape contractors, government agency projects, and environmental applications, reforestation, greenbelts, and parks.


We carry more than 150 native plant species. All of which are used to what the Pacific Northwest conditions can deliver! Check out our on-line catalog or contact us today with questions or special needs. We are constantly add new varieties to our inventory.

About Us

Storm Lake Growers operates a second generation nursery in the lush Snohomish River Valley near Monroe, Washington. Owner and founder Dan McCain began the business in 1978 with one greenhouse on a half-acre plot.  

What's New?